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Service and consultancy

Thanks to a large warehouse for storing products, which are coated and chromed upon request, fast and professional customer service is guaranteed.

Punctual deliveries throughout Italy and abroad are guaranteed, as well as technical support for customers and thorough consultancy in the design of any product.

  • Punctual deliveries

  • Technical support

  • Consultancy in the design

Design and manufacturing

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Each structure is carefully analysed and developed to create a quality chair that reflects Gelso e Pellizzaro’s standards. Ideas and drawings are collected to create the best solution.

Prototypes are developed to check that every detail is perfect to start production.

One of Gelso e Pellizzaro's main objectives is to be able to create the simplest to the most complex products with studied designs that are suitable even for sophisticated interiors.


The company personally takes care of shipping the products to each destination, both in Italy and abroad. The chairs are carefully packaged and loaded into transport vehicles in order to reach the various destinations, guaranteeing their complete intactness.

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Coating and Coverings

With a comprehensive and controlled company organisation and a large work area equipped with sophisticated and innovative machinery, Gelso e Pellizzaro also offers a wide range of services and processing on behalf of third parties.

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Coating is carried out on iron and aluminium chair frames as well as other materials. Our suppliers with their expert coating technicians perform the work with top quality coatings, guaranteeing homogeneous and long-lasting colours.

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We rely on qualified covering specialists who can make upholstery with various materials to finish our chairs.

Not just a quality product, but a complete all-round service.
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