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Gelso & Pellizzaro

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Forty years of experience

ince it was founded in 1979, Gelso e Pellizzaro has always specialised in processing iron and aluminium tubes. The desire to grow and put itself to the test has always been a characteristic that has allowed the company to venture into the production of metal frames and structures for chairs and benches.

The evident quality dictated by more than forty years of experience, combined with the increasing search for design trends, has enabled Gelso e Pellizzaro to enter the furniture sector of both Italian and foreign markets.

Intended use

Indoor and outdoor furniture remains the core business of Gelso e Pellizzaro's chair production, which, however, is able to satisfy the most varied sectors of use thanks to the staff of in-house managers and technicians capable of custom-designing the various types of products.

Not just chairs...

A truly versatile company, capable of manufacturing durable structures suitable for any use and also capable of moving from the production of chairs to the manufacture of useful components for the nautical, agricultural, commercial or energy sectors such as iron containers and parts of agricultural machinery and various metal structures.

Now make yourselves comfortable and
we will tell you a story!

Gelso e Pellizzaro is established: a family run business founded by Luigi Pellizzaro, an expert welder, and his wife Graziella Gelso.

The company expands with the addition of their children Marica and Matteo, who become Gelso e Pellizzaro partners within a few years. Subsequently, the company grows even larger by employing new qualified personnel and adding production equipment for an increasingly sophisticated machine park.

The decision is made to move into a very competitive market, that of furniture, which requires attention to every detail, thus achieving success both in Italy and abroad.

The business dedicated predominantly to iron tube processing for chairs is now joined by aluminium processing, thanks mainly to the machinery that enables the company to diversify the production of finished products and perform a variety of processes. processes.

Gelso e Pellizzaro achieves ever greater goals every year, thanks to passion and the commitment that has always characterized the whole family.

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