Gelso e Pellizzaro:
processing iron since 1979.

A company specialised in iron and aluminium tube processing for the construction of frames and metal structures, in Gelso and Pellizzaro snc., we have also produced chairs in Vicenza since 1979 for a large market that goes beyond national and European borders.

Design for the home, office, industry and...

Furniture is the main sector in which our contracting company of Lonigo in Vicenza, has developed its business, but not only. In Gelso and Pellizzaro snc., we also work for the nautical, agricultural, commercial, energy and other sectors where we produce iron containers and parts of agricultural machinery and metal structures.

magazzino produzione gelso e pellizzaro

A story of passion.
Like all great stories.

Our family-run company began its business in 1979 inside the warehouse behind the house of Luigi Pellizzaro (welder) and his wife Graziella Gelso, who, with their commitment, tenacity and ambition, worked to strengthen the business, achieving the results that today, make us proud. Over the years, in fact, Gelso and Pellizzaro snc expanded: the children Marica and Matteo became partners, created the staff and increased the size of the areas needed to contain new machinery.

Family tradition and
work innovation.

Today, all our family work in the company, and we have pursued together for years what was created with passion, sacrifices and great satisfaction by Luigi and Graziella. We have combined aluminium to the main activity of iron tube processing, thanks to the purchase of new machinery that allows us to diversify the production of finished products and to carry out various processes. With automated machines and the employment of other staff, we have increased production, thus being able to process larger orders.

From the design to the best solution.

Our customers come to us with a project or an idea, which we help them to develop and produce by studying the best solution with them. Subsequently, we develop prototypes, to check that even the details are perfect and then we start production.

The guarantee of made in Italy quality is not enough for us.
Thanks to a large warehouse for storing products (even coated and chromed upon request):

we guarantee punctual delivery,
even abroad.

we provide technical assistance

we ensure consultancy during the design

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