Iron and aluminium specialists,
engineering partner in Vicenza.

In Gelso e Pellizzaro snc, a company that has processed iron and aluminium for more than thirty years
on behalf of third parties, we carry out different processes from the development of prototypes to the cutting,
welding, assembly and many more. Below is a complete list.

Prototype design and development.

When our customers come to the company with their projects, we make prototypes to design accompanied by consultancy to optimise the processes, ensuring maximum confidentiality concerning data and documents.

Prototype development

Automated cutting with tube brushing.

Thanks to our automated line, we cut tubes into various measurements, from the maximum length of 6.5 metre bars, with minimum 14-millimetre diameter, up to a maximum of 50 millimetres. Tube brushing on the ends is to avoid creating any sharp edges. With state-of-the-art machinery, we also blow the tubes internally, to leave no residue that could ruin the part, the bending matrices or the moulds for the subsequent processes. We then number the bundles of tubes and collect them with special safety belts.

CNC tube bending.

Bending is carried out by the different tube bending machines we have: from linear right or left handed to the multi-radius left or right handed with calandering and two head. We bend round tubes from 12 millimetres up to 42 millimetres diameter, as well and various sizes of squares and rectangles. Our machines are:

  • BLM E-TURN 35, right and left-handed CNC tube bender with calandering process with VGP3D;
  • PEDRAZZOLI variable radius 42, right and left-handed CNC tube bender with calandering;
  • PEDRAZZOLI bend master 42, right-handed CNC tube bender;
  • PEDRAZZOLI two head bend master 32 cnc;
  • various tube benders that are semi-automated and manual, right or left handed or two head.
tube bender gelso e pellizzaro


In Gelso and Pellizzaro snc., we provide our customers products made with different types of welding. This allows us to meet the many requests and achieve maximum quality for the various finishes. We have several stations to carry out manual MIG and TIG welding and for braze welding, performed by exert welders who have worked with us for more than 30 years. We also have spot welders and projection welders. For MIG robotised welding, we use four systems with double swivel table. Our latest purchase is a robotised orbital system with dual lathe, to carry out MIG welding and TIG welding with and without backfill. To best optimise production times of some products, we have automated the work cycle by making special welding positioners.

Braze welding

saldatura robotizzata

Robotised welding

Welding positioner

Hydraulic boring.

Our bench is dedicated to the hydraulic boring of already bent and welded parts. Thanks to the various interchangeable and dismountable units the structure is equipped with, we use the bench to bore slide bases and products with many blind or through holes with or without a core. The machine is managed by a unit with EEC guaranteed control panel, with which it is possible to create different programs to carry out multiple processes in one work cycle.

banco oliodinamico

Iron and aluminium stamping.

In our company we also have stamping presses for iron and aluminium from 12 to 100 tons, to which we apply moulds for different processes. We periodically carry out maintenance on the presses, to guarantee our customers the best results and our staff the maximum safety.

Stamping presses

Shearing and bending sheet metal.

Our CN bending press and the CN Schiavi/Amada shearing machine process metal sheet up to a maximum thickness of 6 millimetres.

Sheet metal shearing and bending

Cleaning and polishing.

We provide an additional service of cleaning and polishing metals, to ensure our customers the correct accuracy in operations even on very delicate parts. We made this decision here in Gelso and Pellizzaro snc., after the progressive increase in the quality of our products.

Cleaning and polishing

Assembly and riveting.

For years, among the other processes in the company, we have also been doing the assembly and riveting (joining with rivets) of sheared and bored parts, both of the chairs we produce and of our customers’ products.

Assembly and riveting

Mounting and packaging.

A large warehouse (more than two thousand square metres) for mounting, packaging and storage of chairs and other products allows us to make punctual deliveries and to have plenty of space to check products after chroming and coating. The last phases are product packaging and delivery, which we carry out according to customer request.

Packaging warehouse

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